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Complaint handling

Belisama recognises that our customers may not be always satisfied with either our staff or our services and we believe that it is important to make every attempt to resolve the matter to the customer's satisfaction

Our process for handling complaints is as follows:

How to make a complaint

Complaints can be made by contacting our Director (Antony Steel), by phone or email (see Contact us) or by sending an email to

Handling of a complaint

The following steps outline our handling process and all our staff are trained in it:

  • Belisama has a policy of taking ownership of the problem and treating the customer with respect during the whole process.  A formal record of the complaint will be filed.

  • Belisama will ensure that the relevant facts are collected and will quickly respond by preparing an solution or number of options to be presented to the customer.

  • Staff are trained not to make promises that we cannot deliver

  • We will follow up to ensure that the matter has been resolved to the satisfaction of the customer.

  • We will review the incident and ensure that we do not repeat the mistake.

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