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Details of each offering
HA and DR Offerings (PowerHA/HA EE and VMRM HA/DR)​

We have over 20 years of experience with IBM's High Availability products - from design to implementation, support (both L2 and l3), troubleshooting and training.  We have also assisted with a number of IBM Redbooks and presented at Technical Universities on the subject.

While we only have experience with PowerHA for AIX and for Linux, we have partners that can assist with IBM i if required.

For a summary of the different IBM HA/DR options see IBM HA/DR Portfolio (or contact us).

Recent experience includes:

  • Implementing PowerHA Std Edition for a publishing company;

  • Implementing PowerHA Enterprise Edition for a bank using non-IBM storage;

  • Assisted with the latest PowerHA and VMRM HA/DR redbooks;

  • Run customised PowerHA training; and

  • Assisted with the implementation of VMRM HA for PoC.

Contact us for more details about HA/DR

Storage replication over IP for AIX using GLVM

Geographic Logical Volume Manager (GLVM) has been part of AIX since AIX 5L.  The GLVM code allows you to define Logical Volume mirrors locally, that reside on Physical Volumes on a remote server.  The replication is done over IP and can be configured to be Synchronous or Asynchronous.


For more details about GLVM see IBM HA/DR Portfolio​ (or contact us).

Recent experience includes:

  • Configuring a demonstration replicating a local AIX file system to a Power system in the IBM Cloud (PowerVS).

Contact us for more details about GLVM

Power Virtualisation

We have experience with the design, implementation, support and training of:

  • PowerVM and VIO Servers;

  • The Hardware Management Console (HMC) - both physical and virtual;

  • Novalink;

  • PowerVC and OpenStack;

  • Migration - including Hardware upgrades and/or Data Centre moves

  • Power Shared Storage Pools; and

  • Power Enterprise Pools.

Recent experience includes:

  • Migration of a customer to POWER9 and implementing a DR Solution;

  • Implementing a private "Power Cloud" built with PowerVC and OpenStack;

  • Implementing OpenShift PoC on Power in the IBM Cloud (on PowerVS); and

  • Migrating legacy AIX environments to POWER8.

Contact us for more details about PowerVM

AIX and Linux on Power

We have experience with the design, implementation, support and training of:

  • AIX;

  • Linux on Power; and

  • Management, maintenance and monitoring solutions.

Recent experience includes:

  • AIX training for Linux administrators,

  • Implementation and support of nmon/graphana for a customer; and

  • Implementation and support of Ganglia.

Contact us for more details about AIX/Linux


We have experience with the design, implementation, support and training of:

  • Trusted Firewall

  • Trusted Logging

  • Security and Compliance Automation

  • PowerSC GUI

  • Realtime Compliance

  • Multi-factor Authentication

Recent experience includes the planning, scripting and installation of PowerSC for a Government department.  We have also run some detailed workshops for AIX and Linux Administrators.

Prior to PowerSC MFA 2.0, availability made use of AIX LVM mirroring, while the new version supports Postgres DB replication.  We have designed, installed and tested PowerSC MFA High Availability using Postgres replication for older versions of PowerSC MFA.

Contact us for more details about PowerSC

Spectrum Scale (GPFS)

We have experience with the design, implementation, support and training of:

  • Spectrum Scale (GPFS);

  • IBM Elastic Storage System (ESS);

  • Spectrum Scale Erasure Code Edition; and

  • Spectrum Scale AFM / DR.

Recent experience includes:

  • Implementation of one of the first commercial Spectrum Scale ECE clusters;

  • Supporting and troubleshooting a large ESS implementation; and

  • Implementing an AFM / DR solution.

Contact us for more details about GPFS

SAP HANA / Availability

As well as building a PoC of SAP Hana with VMRM HA, have designed Highly Available SAP HANA Solutions using SUSE Linux Enterprise Servers with the SUSE High Availability Extensions - documenting the implementation and test plans.

Contact us for more details about SAP HANA​

OpenShift in IBM Cloud (on PowerVS)

We recently assisted IBM with the pre-GA test of OpenShift running on Power Servers in the IBM Cloud (PowerVS) and ran demonstrations for a number of customers.

Contact us for more details about OpenShift

Health check
Health Check

We will conduct a detailed audit of your IT infrastructure focusing on your Server configuration, LPAR design, AIX/Linux setup and the Virtualisation layer.  This service includes a report built on our many years of IT experience and in it, we provide recommendations and specific changes designed to assist you with the management / maintenance of your environment.  This check can be extended to include a review of your high availability clusters (for example VMRM, PowrHA or GPFS - Spectrum Scale) if required.  See Power Health Check

Contact us for more details about our Health Check

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