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Let sleeping dogs lie?
Think again with Belisama
Power Health Check

Introducing our Power Health Check, where for a small fee, we will conduct a detailed audit of your IT infrastructure focusing on your Server configuration, LPAR design, AIX/Linux setup and the Virtualisation layer.  This service includes a report built on our many years of IT experience and in it, we provide recommendations and specific changes designed to assist you with the management / maintenance of your environment.  This check can be extended to include a review of your high availability clusters (for example VMRM, PowrHA or GPFS - Spectrum Scale) if required. 

Are you planning to:

  • Move data centre;

  • Migrate to new hardware;

  • Extend the life of your existing infrastructure;

  • Improve the availability of your applications; or

  • Review your maintenance monitoring strategy;


If so, our Health Check is designed to reduce your risk and smooth the way.

Our experienced Belisama Specialists will work with your IT team to collect the necessary data with minimum disruption to your operations. We believe that the final report will give you a comprehensive list of options designed to improve your IT Operations with enough information for you to understand both the risk of not making the change and the impact if you do.

Special Offer
Contact Belisama now for a free Infrastructure Discovery workshop.  We will be able to gain a better understanding of your infrastructure, your requirements and how to best tailor the Health Check to obtain the best outcome.



  • Health Care industry

  • Banks

  • Government (Commonwealth and Local)

  • Research Organisations

  • Food

  • Universities 



  • Plan, Design, and implement Petabyte size Unstructured data environment incorporating billions of Objects across Disk, Tape & Object storage

  • Implement Spectrum Scale ECE Cluster backed for openstack / HPC environment

  • Implement Spectrum Scale Cluster with async DR solution

  • Implement PowerHA EE cluster with Swift payment gateway

  • Implement SAP HANA HA solution on

  • Implement SAP HANA with vPMEM

  • Migrate Health Care company Power environment to new DC with zero downtime and maintaining redundancy

  • Migrate customers non-virtualised unsupported Power Environment to PowerVM/Power8/AIX 7.2 with min downtime.

  • Part of team that implemented Power Cloud, centralised management / image

Some possible outcomes from a Belisama Health Check:

  • The report highlights some areas that don’t confirm with current good practices. After implementing the recommendations the customer sees:

    • A reduction in risk or an improvement in availability;

    • Use of new features / great return on investment;

    • A simplification of management;

    • A new upgrade or migration path with less impact on the day to day operations is now possible; or

    • A bottleneck identified, which may lead to further analysis or Belisama may assist with a redesign.

  • An exposure found in some other part of the infrastructure, but customer is now equipped for a more targeted approach to its resolution.

  • System has clean bill of health.

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